The Stockholms Ep 3: The Holiday Heist 

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Yong Sun misses his family as his first Christmas in the bank approaches. Even so, the Stockholms are gonna be okay.
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
jadedcream welp
jadedcream welp 3 hours ago
So that's why they're all out of stock
Nellit McKerin
These cops are freaking teribble
Doubtcent Day ago
So that’s where all the ps5s went
die die
die die Day ago
That sniper must suck, he stands around so much, so many opportunities to shoot him
Querencia.tv 2 days ago
Nice ☺️ ❤️&✌️
whYLiE09 2 days ago
Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better short...
why Marley the sister is chuddy and black ⚡🌙
Flowey Dreemurr • 79 years ago
I knew santa was real!
I love how the sniper misses every literal shot
BopCorgee 3 days ago
2:43 poor Santa 😂🤣
Josh Ellis
Josh Ellis 4 days ago
So thats where all the consoles went
Sires Orb
Sires Orb 4 days ago
Shut up Chris we're having a moment.
this show is cool but doesnt compare to purgatony
Yanmega Youtuber
Yanmega Youtuber 4 days ago
They still put up decorations outside when theres still a hostage inside
Finnius Minitus
Finnius Minitus 4 days ago
We’ve got Nolan North (ie Nathan Drake, Joel from The Last of Us) playing chris pine and voice actor of Vegeta playing Santa🤣
Oreo and Mocha
Oreo and Mocha 4 days ago
I love the idea that young sons name is actually yong sun
Noah Dusek
Noah Dusek 5 days ago
The moral of the story “beat Santa until you get what you want” 👍
joe mama
joe mama 5 days ago
How is this no a Netflix original
Crazy Rabbit
Crazy Rabbit 5 days ago
Thats why I didn't get PS5 for christmas.
marco maneja
marco maneja 5 days ago
can't believe those 2 black cops are the guys from Double Toasted 😄
MysticalSpace 5 days ago
0:59 Bruh
I wish I had the high ground
00:56 when u playing ghost recon and miss your target
original works reaper
0:56 this man takes like three months to take a shot and then misses
Payton Lupo
Payton Lupo 6 days ago
Yes chris.p
Spiralthedragon -
Chris is terrifying
EyesOfByes 6 days ago
Uncle Noly!
فلان الفلاني
Why does the little boys head is a potato
Schnidine Paul
Schnidine Paul 7 days ago
Schnidine Paul
Schnidine Paul 7 days ago
Joachim Msoffe
Joachim Msoffe 7 days ago
Ain't it weird that the sniper has been missing shots for 5months
Erik Pöljö
Erik Pöljö 7 days ago
Stockholm is a city in sweden
Silk TouchGaming
Silk TouchGaming 8 days ago
Umm.... This is old. Is there a reason that they're reposting it?
Bardock the saiyan
Vegeta voicing santa is the best thing ever.
bananaville 9 days ago
Wait are they reuplaoding it
Djp_roni 9 days ago
Lmao how did they get Chris Sabat to voice in this
Bennie 2 report's
When i saw this I was like wtf
icealah 9 days ago
Santa dabbed when he got smacked.
Glen Axcel Tuazon
I've watched all of it
Dominick Smith
Dominick Smith 10 days ago
Santa dies and the robber dad gets shot in the end of series.
HeraclesN 10 days ago
Christmas with Christopher Sabat
Commen Cat
Commen Cat 10 days ago
The swat team sucks at their job I would have sniped the threat five months ago but no we have to have a sitcom and very dumb police officers
Jean Carlos
Jean Carlos 10 days ago
Chaos Evox 04
Chaos Evox 04 10 days ago
Sadly Santa died 😔
lil turk
lil turk 10 days ago
Didnt this serie alr over? Btw the robber shot from his head by the sniper LMAOS
Polk - E - Dot
Polk - E - Dot 11 days ago
Wait where were these originally posted? Ik I've seen the whole series no idea where thou
Tom Horseman
Tom Horseman 11 days ago
Why is there 2 kids at a bank without parents anyway?
Tom Horseman
Tom Horseman 11 days ago
Please continue this series
hunter worier
hunter worier 11 days ago
Santa is a old man!! I will unsubscribe right now
Rony Peguero
Rony Peguero 11 days ago
Holy crap they actually got Christopher Sabat to be Santa. I can't believe this
CloudWasFound 11 days ago
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 11 days ago
Ram Vidot
Ram Vidot 11 days ago
The outro songs just are amazing
Diego Bazán
Diego Bazán 11 days ago
The final will change or will be same, i want second season
king master Larry 68
Can believe you guys got voice actor of Vegeta to play as Santa
OriginalDarkMew 12 days ago
Oh so THAT'S who's been scalping all the PS5s! It all makes sense now!
cheese ramen
cheese ramen 12 days ago
Wait dident this series end I remember him dying
It ain't Original
It ain't Original 12 days ago
I still can't believe they got nolan north to voice act on the show
German Fox
German Fox 12 days ago
Is it me or do I feel like I watched this before
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 12 days ago
"cheer up lady, it's Christmas."
The SANGWICH 12 days ago
How tf did they get the guy who voices vegeta and piccolo to voice santa
James Pedreira
James Pedreira 12 days ago
They got Christopher Sabat to play a 2 minute cameo as Santa Clause No fucking way
James Pedreira
James Pedreira 12 days ago
And I don't see anyone talking about it!?
Davis Vlogger
Davis Vlogger 12 days ago
The intro
Jerzy Pinez
Jerzy Pinez 12 days ago
Omg this is so stupid funny
squirreltastic 12 days ago
Charlene is muslim tho
Jamari Dixon
Jamari Dixon 12 days ago
Ohh so that where my ps5 is
DARTH VEGETA 12 days ago
Damn not even a candy cane.
lowesan Dune
lowesan Dune 12 days ago
Funny show
BossPanzer 12 days ago
Chris Pine is my husbando.
I won’t be surprised if anything is basically done I’m not being a hostage anymore and the guy actually cause a gel for having a hostage they’re open till Christmas
ghosty ghost
ghosty ghost 12 days ago
Its to sad
*😔🥺 I never like the ending of the story.. Please 🥺😔🙏🏾 fix it.. Uhmmm please make The Stockholm season 2.🥺😔🙏🏾❤️*
FoxtheImpersonator 12 days ago
I love how Nolan North is in this. He’s a legend!
safety doggo23
safety doggo23 12 days ago
Ive noticed why the negotiator is black because negortiator
Beter Otato
Beter Otato 12 days ago
Bruhhh I was wondering where these episodes went
Andrew Shuler
Andrew Shuler 12 days ago
Hold on didnt i watch all these a year ago?
Beter Otato
Beter Otato 12 days ago
Yeah they reuploaded them
Dark Dragons Gaming
0:46 you can get the he'll out of here
am cute dog
am cute dog 12 days ago
holup didnt i already watched this show on another channel?
Derp nut
Derp nut 13 days ago
I like how his revolver is glued to his hand
Screm 13 days ago
Wasnt this a reupload
blueviper 13 days ago
Missed two shots on a slow target...worst fucking sniper ever in history.
meme boi 69
meme boi 69 13 days ago
I missed this intro it is so catchy and so toy story like but its sad that they killed the robber guy (sorry i dont remember anything from this show) but yeah this show had some good ideas but some cringy ones too like when the shos started it had great ideas with the stockholm name the ideas the jokes made sense now theyre just cringy ones
spartinib117 13 days ago
Idk why they are acting like it's new
Adam Hanvey
Adam Hanvey 13 days ago
I thought octopie created this also the dad gets shot in the face by the sniper guy when the get away driver shows up to take the money
Play Team fortress 2
This negotiator is like when you negotiate a hostage for a player who killed 60 cops in payday 2
Rolly's Animal storys
I love this new series
Dark Dragons Gaming
0:50 Boi
some guy in jeans
some guy in jeans 13 days ago
I swear this was made months ago
CatBoxGMZ 13 days ago
Damn! That’s why I can’t get a ps5! Santa here taking them all! I know where I going now.
Justin Shot
Justin Shot 13 days ago
*Well...* *He can say that he’s got his hostage now*
Justin Shot
Justin Shot 13 days ago
*Shut Up Chris, We’re Having A Moment*
Za Hando
Za Hando 13 days ago
the only words I hear from Santa are “this is the style of alchemy passed down by the Armstrong family for generations!”
Bigoof69 13 days ago
Why were these re released?
Luke Deardoff
Luke Deardoff 13 days ago
Nathan Drake from Uncharted is really showing up each episode to play Chris Pine 😂😂
Med Slk
Med Slk 13 days ago
No one : Ymir 😅
MegaMGstudios 14 days ago
Love how Charlene is still tied up
Brendan White
Brendan White 14 days ago
JD Adams
JD Adams 14 days ago
The Lost Will To Live
He should just give ned chris as a thank you, and also to get the family new clothes clothes
Race Tucker
Race Tucker 14 days ago
I’m so happy Chris Pine is a regular now😂
redder_dominator 14 days ago
Am I going fucking insane, has this not already been here?
HNL Control Room
HNL Control Room