The Stockholms Ep 5: Bankrupt! 

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The Stockholms must raise money to prevent the bank from being foreclosed! Will the Stockholms be okay? Yes.
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Published on


May 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
soren akinbane
soren akinbane 3 hours ago
well one hostage escaped and that is nolan!
Px Elite N
Px Elite N 12 hours ago
Cringy what happened to ur old shows
Benjamin Danilov
Benjamin Danilov 12 hours ago
The fact he's been sitting on money
Ashli Monique
Ashli Monique 13 hours ago
But chris pines eyes are blue....
Dolari GD
Dolari GD 23 hours ago
Why have I seen this last year What is happeninh
Gicig Day ago
What is the BGM when Chris saying good bye to others?
GothicTiger Day ago
Re-upload lol
the automatic gamer
U just stole it bc i saw this
Alyssa van der Heijden
Ive seen all of these already like 5 months ago on a different channel😒
Coastal Cruzer
From Stockholm to Lima in just a few minutes
IRON Animation
Welcome to the animation channel.
Yeet Yote
Yeet Yote Day ago
Wait... didn’t I watch this episode like months ago?
Nash Albana
Nash Albana Day ago
wait but i watch this 1 years ago why is it 3 day ago?
Soup agentYT
Soup agentYT Day ago
Wait.. what happened to the end where the Dad got shot?
Valencho 2 days ago
Wait did they reload the episodes?
Ephraim Luck
Ephraim Luck 2 days ago
I kinda want a reallife version of this and I don't know why
Key Man
Key Man 2 days ago
Got some deja'vu
Sasha Englebert
Sasha Englebert 2 days ago
I dont wanna watch the end again ;-;
whYLiE09 2 days ago
Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better short...
Jackson Barham
Jackson Barham 2 days ago
I bet they just got tired of having to draw Chris...
Zack Zander
Zack Zander 2 days ago
“Cut, quit looking at the camera Chris!” Well he wasn’t lying, XD
eninman03 2 days ago
That was some good voice acting North. Like Simpson guest star quality.
mifigor 19
mifigor 19 2 days ago
Well technically he can't pay them with the money from the bank because that's bank's own money. I mean you can't rent a house and try to pay with a chair that was provided with the house
Dj Assassin
Dj Assassin 2 days ago
Is that randy Newman singing the theme song?
Momunik 2 days ago
why so i remember to have seen this already?
BathTub 2 days ago
There are more PS5s in this episode then PS5s in the world
C Jay Estioco
C Jay Estioco 2 days ago
That song is lit 🔥
Pumas UNAM
Pumas UNAM 2 days ago
I love this vid
Extreme Stats
Extreme Stats 2 days ago
Premiering Now Top-5Most Subscribed Animation US-firstrs [2009 - 2021-5] - US-first
donut the human
donut the human 2 days ago
I hope this never ends
GreenGamer 2 days ago
They pulled a pro gamer move and removed the old episode 5 to continue the series.
Agent knife stripes
Wow they clearly don't have money
John Dairy
John Dairy 3 days ago
Their going to die
Courtmala83 3 days ago
Hfchgc Nvcvhchf
Hfchgc Nvcvhchf 3 days ago
Half the people died and left
Hfchgc Nvcvhchf
Hfchgc Nvcvhchf 3 days ago
Didn’t Santa die?
Donnyniue 3 days ago
i thought there was already a Stockholms Ep 5: Bankrupt! ep video did you delete it and then you remade it again
generic youtuber
generic youtuber 3 days ago
the best part if the video is where they actually make new episodes of this instead of re-uploading oh wait that did not happen
Gluttonous Illusion
Jasper: If we don't raise $100,000 we'll be evicted. Everyone except the Pizza guy: awwwwww Pizza guy & everyone watching this: You are being held hostage!
Schnidine Paul
Schnidine Paul 3 days ago
Dark Infinity
Dark Infinity 3 days ago
wait, wasn´t this Series alreeady over?
Dark Infinity
Dark Infinity 3 days ago
@EerierBicycle87 ah, ok, yeah that would make sense
EerierBicycle87 3 days ago
I think it’s a reupload because it may have been taken down
Gioacchino Sessa
Gioacchino Sessa 3 days ago
Why does chris pine's eyes look like bowling balls?
Zachary Gerber
Zachary Gerber 3 days ago
this was neds plan to get 1 hostage finally
Deathstranger 3 days ago
Well the pizza guy could've even made that argument of going back to work to raise money for the foreclosure too 😂
sam quackers
sam quackers 3 days ago
Wait What Is this a reupload Why did they not reupload all of them then What
Mify 3 days ago
Didn’t jasper die??
Felix Andersen
Felix Andersen 3 days ago
I just understood why this serie is called stockholmes
Veselin Mazganov
Veselin Mazganov 3 days ago
Spoiler Alert The Last Mambo wasn't number 5
Ducks 3 days ago
Seeing the blonde leave reminded me of how fucked up this channel was and still is
Shannon Grant
Shannon Grant 3 days ago
I can’t believe you guys got NOLAN NORTH to voice Chris Pine!!! I LOVE the “Uncharted” games so much. LOL what next, are you going to get Troy Baker from “The Last of Us?” Get everyone from Naughty Dog games!
hangry jho
hangry jho 3 days ago
Feed me more content
Sean Blackton
Sean Blackton 3 days ago
james89302 3 days ago
Uh... Is there going to be a different ending this time? Watched this a year ago on youtube. Why is it being shown as a new show?
Did those company stole this show from the pie channel?
pirate curse
pirate curse 3 days ago
What is this
Blair F. Stewart
Blair F. Stewart 3 days ago
It's the "money tight " for me that caught me off guard
STANN.co 3 days ago
this feels like a fake show you'd see for 10 seconds inside another cartoon. But it's actually real
Antanas Panavas
Antanas Panavas 3 days ago
...... 90
Joshua Ovington
Joshua Ovington 3 days ago
Randy Newman taking a dip in his career?
thE PeRsOn 4 years ago
In the last episode I bet jasper will get sniped
Ammageddon89 3 days ago
Dejavu! ive seen this episode before
Slumpy 4 days ago
Purgatony plz come back :,(
DarthTofu2 4 days ago
Holy shit, they actually got Nolan North
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 4 days ago
Why dose the bank have a bank?
Saki Lynn
Saki Lynn 4 days ago
Always end on a double movie reference.
Evan Bailes
Evan Bailes 4 days ago
I love how even Santa has Stockholm Syndrome now. XD
Soumyadip Pal
Soumyadip Pal 4 days ago
Miss that sniper!
ItsChase 4 days ago
When they said "Moneh tight" I felt that 😳
Maverick 4 days ago
Be more like southpark
Steamer2001 4 days ago
So this is a reupload, right?
Carter Yt
Carter Yt 4 days ago
0:45 he forgot to say I’m not your dad
Ibrahim Mehtiyev
Ibrahim Mehtiyev 4 days ago
Mr.Bitch 2. Pleace
therev2100 4 days ago
I love that Yong Sun is a boy, being played by a girl 😂
Ahren Reinhardt Jr.
The weirdest thing about this is that I can actually see this being a sitcom
The MightyQuinnM
The MightyQuinnM 4 days ago
So now I know what really happened to richtofen, he became a hostage and went to go film Star Trek 😂😂
Xavier Gingrich
Xavier Gingrich 4 days ago
hey ExplosmEntertainment how are you? :) hope you're doing good. :)
Pete the Christian Terrorist
I just wanted to say to Jesus loves you very much and died on the cross of Calvary for you. You can accept Jesus as your savior anytime you want. God bless you very much. Peter
Florin Cocilea
Florin Cocilea 4 days ago
When is Chris returning
Oritsetimeyin Joseph Johnson Okotie
Please guys... how can I make animation like this please I need help 😓😓
Aidan Didace
Aidan Didace 4 days ago
Santa: sold!?! , Am Santa Claus. I give them Away... Me: Looool....😂😂
Ethernity 999
Ethernity 999 4 days ago
I love intro song
Wv44 4 days ago
I want 4 more seasons
Kyero 4 days ago
Holy Shit. Did someone beat this channel with a Race Equality bat?
Mølly F
Mølly F 4 days ago
When you've seen the whole series on the channel it originally was on
Roy Balatazar
Roy Balatazar 4 days ago
Is this related to cyanide and happiness?
Bad Guy 61
Bad Guy 61 4 days ago
I saw epizode where The rober with hostages was actualy a steeler and there was a Guy that waited for him to come and then they all understand that he didnt had bullets
Anime Kid
Anime Kid 4 days ago
Gottem love the Stockholms! (Funny drum noises)
news 4 days ago
Why does he care if the bank gets for closed he's trespassing anyway? I get it ned finally got one of them out 🤣
Zainab Inayah Mohd Shukur
*Hammer : IM GONNA GET YOU JASPER* *jasper : WHAT NO*
Josuke 4 days ago
Ray 4 days ago
Man the cops are getting smarter best ways to get a hostage 😂
Tuniken 4 days ago
even though this just got released i feel like i saw this like a year ago. actually i definitely saw this like a year ago, what the hell
Deathstranger 3 days ago
yes they are just trying to make money from any possible views off of youtube
Dac Babson
Dac Babson 4 days ago
My favorite
Faridahayu Ideris
Why this feel like a reupload?
Peanut Arbuckle
Peanut Arbuckle 5 days ago
Is anyone gonna mention how this series came out like 2-3 years ago?
Cherry Demon666
Cherry Demon666 5 days ago
WAIT SOMEONE ACTUALLY GOT OUT?!?!?! I thought the whole joke was more people stacking into the bank ... we gonna lose the whole cast 1 by 1 now?
NickIsDaBest 5 days ago
100k views! That's a dollar per viewer that goes towards Chris Pine and the Stockholm's
Utsav Patel
Utsav Patel 5 days ago
Nathan Drake got out from trouble as usual.
Mrfluffybeehive 5 days ago
“How about you watch your mouth”
Mutraxation 5 days ago
at least thats 1 less hostage
MiiLK t
MiiLK t 5 days ago
Chris Pine used to be Captain Kirk
I Drove a Tank!