The Stockholms Ep 1: The Dinnertime Crime 

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Can Jasper swallow his pride when his family can’t swallow his “home” cooking? I have a feeling the Stockholms are gonna be okay.
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Apr 12, 2021




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Comments 100   
We had to reupload the first episode, because of reasons. Episodes coming weekly! Go watch Ep 2 right now: us-first.info/player/video/nNl3nXmje4Wro4k.html
Pumas UNAM
Pumas UNAM 21 hour ago
@ExplosmEntertainment hey Explosm what year is The Stockholms originally made
Lick My Musket Balls Yankee
@ExplosmEntertainment "we were being greedy and trying to do some random deal with a new video streaming company doomed to fail like VRV and it failed before day one so now we're desperately trying to pick up the scraps to get our money back"
hector cardenas
hector cardenas 12 days ago
How you make cyanide & happiness?
Lisa Faith
Lisa Faith 14 days ago
@ExplosmEntertainment Stop uploading episodes of The Stockholms and continue uploading Monday Mashups.
Rishabh Arora
Rishabh Arora 18 days ago
Season 2? 🥺
Lilith the Firehawk
Lilith the Firehawk 15 hours ago
This is so brilliant! Why hardly any views?
Lahrni 2 days ago
I there any chance someone could tell me which background music was used? I'd really like to do this in german but I can't find any music similar to the ones explosm used
I Love My Dogs572
so was this whole series reuploaded
whYLiE09 2 days ago
Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better short...
Darcy Clark
Darcy Clark 2 days ago
Just noticed the gun has no bullets… just look at the cover there’s no yellow bullets like a gun so weird
Oscar J. Madrigal
Well this is another series I have to look forward to besides Helluva Boss
Cedgeemo 4 days ago
so thats how familys are made
Dino Boi
Dino Boi 5 days ago
I remember someone said this Plot twist the gun was never loaded Comes the ending of show and the person was right
evan barra pro
evan barra pro 5 days ago
Dong Yü
Dong Yü 5 days ago
This is a reupload. But still willing to watch it all again
BlueShift 5 days ago
The outro remembers me sometkind on the "Dumb Ways to die" song.
Ray Games
Ray Games 5 days ago
I love the intro
Jua Fletcher
Jua Fletcher 6 days ago
At I going to rewatch this series just to support the Chanel you already know
Just An Egg
Just An Egg 6 days ago
Wait why did the dollar explode into blue sludge?
EyesOfByes 6 days ago
*"LÄGG UT!! LÄGG UT!!"* Norrmalmstorg reference 🇸🇪
Schnidine Paul
Schnidine Paul 7 days ago
Schnidine Paul
Schnidine Paul 7 days ago
FoldedTable 8 days ago
The cops be watching this like a movie
joshua gaming
joshua gaming 9 days ago
this should be a cartoon🤣🤣🤣
Hidan Kirito
Hidan Kirito 10 days ago
Who the phuck imagined this story? I wanna be your friend
Spetto 10 days ago
When you try to be diverse and you add a girl in hijab with a name Charlene *sigh*
Speedwagon Waifu
Speedwagon Waifu 10 days ago
I just love the way Ned when their talking about getting food from him he just hops up and says "oh! Need something buddy?"
Dan The man under his van
I love this series
Beter Otato
Beter Otato 11 days ago
This was the original WandaVision and no ones gonna change my mind, dont @ me
Shroomluck 11 days ago
You had me at that fire theme song
Mayon Go
Mayon Go 12 days ago
This should be a nice youtube premium show
L G 12 days ago
2:18 my dogs when I go near the kitchen
alpha omikron
alpha omikron 12 days ago
Classic Ned!
Commen Cat
Commen Cat 12 days ago
The best bank heist you never saw on fox news
Blue Morpho
Blue Morpho 12 days ago
Is jasper Williams related to Jimmy Williams
Le ladd epic
Le ladd epic 12 days ago
Aw I remember waiting a week for a new episode good times
28 stab Wounds
28 stab Wounds 13 days ago
Best Cartoon at all times
sade allen
sade allen 13 days ago
* Still patiently waiting for season 2 of purgatony * This is brilliant tho
Ian Kensington
Ian Kensington 13 days ago
Is that Randy Newman singing the theme song?
Return of the Gorgon
Who are the 173 people who did it like this???
Race Tucker
Race Tucker 14 days ago
This is beautiful, my friends☺️😂👌
EarthToAccess 14 days ago
see i imagine this ending up like. years from now, the money was put back and they walk out a legit family suddenly
Rachnera Arachnera
Yeah, about that...
Old Gregg
Old Gregg 14 days ago
Cool concept. Nice work.
Lisa Faith
Lisa Faith 14 days ago
@ExplosmEntertainment Bring back the Monday Mashups!
Lisa Faith
Lisa Faith 14 days ago
@ExplosmEntertainment Please delete all episodes of The Stockholms.
diggie Constalation
me who already watched the entire series: hehe time to spoil, hehehe. ok i won't.
Don Keedic
Don Keedic 15 days ago
I feel bad for Ned
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings 16 days ago
Reminds me of my family before my dad snapped XD
The Fun Part
The Fun Part 17 days ago
He literally made a bank, his home and getting whatever he want... He has no plan of leaving the bank... cuz it's his home now 🤣🤣 That's exactly what I'm doing at my room... getting whatever i want and just lying on the bed...
ray shirogane
ray shirogane 17 days ago
leo song
leo song 17 days ago
by the end of this series the entire world will become hostages
Ronny Ron
Ronny Ron 18 days ago
Muy bueno
Franz Josef
Franz Josef 18 days ago
This is awesome channel.
HH-4's Planting show
Jasper williams dies in the ending
MrNucleosome 19 days ago
Oh god this is so good
Mon T
Mon T 19 days ago
Why explosm always have trouble. ;(
HentaiSweetie 19 days ago
I wonder why cartoon pizzas always colored with yellow cheese?
Tim V110
Tim V110 19 days ago
I hear the "wifes" speech just saying omg to myself and then hear 5MONTHS?!?!? WTF hahah
hangry jho
hangry jho 19 days ago
Funnier then I thought it would be
Stefvdb120 19 days ago
No thats one big bullet proof fest
David Gareau
David Gareau 19 days ago
epic gold!
Yiggles 19 days ago
Troy and Abed in the **foo oorce**
Van Cruising
Van Cruising 19 days ago
Ngl this is pretty good. I would love a series.
Chris Perrien
Chris Perrien 19 days ago
Ghee whiz, y'all couldn't get Randy Newman? LOL. Nice. This skit hints toward Jasper -being Dr failuci and the bank being the USA. purely subliminal of course
Armaan Dhillon
Armaan Dhillon 19 days ago
I need an episode eleven! I need resolution!!!
Kiwi 397
Kiwi 397 20 days ago
Day two of asking for season two
Phresh King
Phresh King 21 day ago
Lol hey once again! Oh yea I fux wit yung son
Dr Nitro
Dr Nitro 21 day ago
I'm gonna go ahead and say it, the mom reminds me of Sombra from Overwatch
JEFFREY ANG 21 day ago
Family in China don't have to go to food bank everyday.
CARMEN SOLER 22 days ago
Do more, please
Jorge A Camacho
Jorge A Camacho 23 days ago
This is better then hazbin hotel
The D Machine
The D Machine 23 days ago
maik abdala
maik abdala 23 days ago
You know..... im starting to tink that ned suck as a negotiator
malo the random dragon
Didn't he die?
Cory Sarazen
Cory Sarazen 24 days ago
Love this channel
msufan590 24 days ago
I LOVE this concept 😂😂
Steven Louton
Steven Louton 24 days ago
This is pretty funny! I feel this is gonna be a great series full of a huge amount of laughs.
Mutraxation 24 days ago
I think Jasper simply wanted a family all along
og name
og name 24 days ago
I heard the song but it's not the same lyrics I remembered something oh wait yeah I remember now
wayj williams
wayj williams 24 days ago
in the end of stockholms jasper was stockhomeing him self the whole time because he drop the bullets down the drain
Copper 24 days ago
Why do they keep re-uploading this
Goofy Guys Gaming
Goofy Guys Gaming 24 days ago
Oh ned
DuckTooth250 24 days ago
Why does this keep getting reuploaded
Justin Shot
Justin Shot 24 days ago
Gabriel Ghiordunescu
Gabriel Ghiordunescu
Gabriel Ghiordunescu
ShadowCatCoar 24 days ago
You know what? I could rewatch this series again
Diego GM
Diego GM 24 days ago
This more exaggerated style of the drawings is more cool, and more original
Deblyn 24 days ago
Kosta Katsoulis
Kosta Katsoulis 24 days ago
This is awesome!
*Kennytheglitcher* 24 days ago
My favourite part is “IM GIVING YOU ALL THE COUNT OF 3 TO get the hell in for dinner”
Zarfa- de
Zarfa- de 24 days ago
This would be the most interesting TV show
Pillar Man
Pillar Man 24 days ago
And the last episode, jasper was shot at the head by sniper
Bucket Man
Bucket Man 24 days ago
I get dat its a play on Stockholm syndrom but i first fought it was abute Stockholm in Sweden XD
SANDRO 24 days ago
Rust River
Rust River 24 days ago
Why are we doing this again
Mike Charest
Mike Charest 24 days ago
"Oh! You need sumthin buddy?" 😂
Carbon Gaming
Carbon Gaming 25 days ago
I loved this series but how many times are they gonna re-release this?
Aayden Tincher
Aayden Tincher 25 days ago
Why did they delete the series then are now putting it back up?
Dr Paperbottom
Dr Paperbottom 25 days ago
grassmaneric15 25 days ago
Oh no I not Dollar rhea :)
Miscellaneous Posts
Jasper dies lol sorry for spoiling it
Drew Wiseman music
Drew Wiseman music 25 days ago
Maybe it was like a Purgatony situation where they had to buy back the rights.
burak adas
burak adas 25 days ago
Cyanide and happiness why u doing this to us we want new season of this show