The Stockholms Ep 4: Emotions Eleven 

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Charlene discovers Jasper has been sneaking out at night, but to where? Also, the Stockholms are going to be okay.
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Apr 26, 2021




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Comments 100   
little xchara
Imagine a episode were he axidentally shoots he's wife
Black Death
Black Death Day ago
This is not a hostage situation. This is a reality/comedy at this point. Bur then again ot has been since episode 1.
Gemi ARC
Gemi ARC 2 days ago
The fact that he left the bank and the cops had the opportunity to get them and still didn’t. Lol
C.P.C Space Agency
Charline: 0-0
Prestongerner Gerner
the g
Schnidine Paul
Schnidine Paul 3 days ago
Rachnera Arachnera
Keep in mind they both know the guns unloaded
Luigi Warrior
Luigi Warrior 3 days ago
It’s been a year and the sniper has barely even fired seriously it’s been like a year
Ron C
Ron C 3 days ago
I supposed Jasper had the whole place bugged or else the hostages would've snucked out.
madcat789 3 days ago
The fade out on her mouth should show what she got him.
Jared Martinez
Jared Martinez 3 days ago
Martin and Korey from Double Toasted!!
hangry jho
hangry jho 3 days ago
Wait just a minute this man has kept these people as hostages for 1 year? That takes some dedication give him a round of applause
Juan. 3 days ago
plot twist: the father is coronavirus and the hostages is us
Sires Orb
Sires Orb 4 days ago
Everyone just watched him slip outta the bank and back in and did nothing, ok. So why do they have a trained sniper?
Devin Gibson
Devin Gibson 4 days ago
The cops are idiots
Jurassic Battle Droid
Why are you re uploading this show literally everyone already saw it
DaEggie 4 days ago
Payday 2 in a nutshell
Puginator 4 days ago
Why make a season 2 when posting same thing on different Chanel works to
TheCrowncard 5 days ago
what a good father
Jay Mahajan
Jay Mahajan 5 days ago
I watched the show twice and every now and then I come back just for the title song
Cardoil 5 days ago
Wth did i just saw
John Capps
John Capps 5 days ago
Why do you repeatedly post old things and claim them as new?
Noah Dusek
Noah Dusek 5 days ago
The pan a way to Ned hahahahhaha😹😹
Deleigha Dixon
Deleigha Dixon 5 days ago
The intro got me dead
Josh Bautista
Josh Bautista 5 days ago
She gave him head to make it up to him
asd asd
asd asd 5 days ago
Soon at episode 12 the bank will be filled with hostages
MrE Kin
MrE Kin 5 days ago
Kory Coleman and Martin Thomas from Double toasted
irish 5 days ago
New ship sailin. Jalene 🤣
skid animations
skid animations 5 days ago
I love how the policemen interact with them as if it was a show
JD 5 days ago
I don’t know how but with every episode this show gets better
Ned flanders
Ned flanders 5 days ago
And then the final episode an actual compitent sniper just deletes him and he gets executed for it
Khunkhuu Gvnsen
Khunkhuu Gvnsen 6 days ago
Thats how the polices got love and heart
the rooster 27
the rooster 27 6 days ago
I felt like this episode aired later like in late 2019
William Chamberlain
Can't wait till this comes out as a Netflix Original series.
Chaos_lirado 587
Chaos_lirado 587 6 days ago
To be honest this reminds me from toy story and what happen to octopie? Like the animation doesn't own by octopie anymore what happen men.
Carrot Animation
Carrot Animation 6 days ago
Still in shock that they got chris sabat as santa
Mahde Rahman
Mahde Rahman 6 days ago
I wish there was a better ending
Benjamin Ehren
Benjamin Ehren 6 days ago
2:40 love neds shirt
Derrick Hill
Derrick Hill 6 days ago
Literally if the Bau from Criminal minds were involved, they would end this entire thing in 3 hours.
Damien Chavez
Damien Chavez 6 days ago
Wait Corey is in this
Super mario Life
Super mario Life 7 days ago
Money's tight wallet's light wishing you had something more
___Zurtus___ 7 days ago
Remember watching it on that octopus space Pie?
bungus doo gungus
I would commit crime if this is what happened
Thatrelatabledude 109
Wait why is there a repost?
Vincent 7 days ago
At the original channel every episode has been launched. Soooooooo go there, idk what the channel was named tho Edit: The original yt channel was octopie but they deleted all of the original videos. But i can spoil them for you if you want to
No Response
No Response 8 days ago
I wanna know wat she got 4 him.
Phillippa-Kyle Thomas
Blimpinators 8 days ago
The series finale is a real mind blow
No one can deflect the emerald splash
Nice play on words
Karan Pandya
Karan Pandya 8 days ago
Vegeta playing Santa Claus
Bardock the saiyan
The home improvment ending has me in tears.
Bardock the saiyan
Vegeta voicing santa is the best thing ever.
Sergey Belnikow
Sergey Belnikow 8 days ago
I wish, I did not watch the whole series before
diggie Constalation
if you think re-uploading a series in your main channel and saying it's a new show can bring you new viewers and make people watch the show again? we'll your very much correct and i will definitely watch the show again.
CrucifiedGhuleh 8 days ago
York Barnes
York Barnes 8 days ago
Hey need is a cool guy
BigZ 115
BigZ 115 8 days ago
Why is this getting re released?
Beyond Border Films
Cop 1:Jasper and Charlene Cop 2: Chris and Charlene Ned: cop 1 and cop 2 Santa clause:why am I not shipped I'm stuck with her too
723ct ttt
723ct ttt 9 days ago
Lets see... They got the original gang; being the mother, father, daughter and son. Santa is definitely the grandfather... That celeberty could be the uncle and the pizza boy his nephew?
MultiPlatform Gamer
Did they have to rerelease this series? Cuz i remember watching it a long time ago bruh i loved this show then jasper got shot
th3 man who sp34ks 1n h4nds
Who else knows where that confused grunt came from cause I do
th3 man who sp34ks 1n h4nds
Home improvement
These are the worst cops in the world
LEMON guy 9 days ago
I liked purgatony more
Your Local Texan
Your Local Texan 9 days ago
Wait they have been hostages for a year
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 9 days ago
The series ends by jasper letting them go and allowing them to leave then the sniper shoots him in the head and kills him and becomes the here
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 9 days ago
Why is this reuploaded? I watched this last year
Puletua Letuli
Puletua Letuli 9 days ago
Santa freaking Santa is in the theme song now i-i mean in the family
Imaginary magician
Where are the new episodes!!!
Damironiel Jakaoemo
Happy one year hostage versary.............................Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Claudiu Marian Chifor
3:12 oh wow
Chrisought 9 days ago
I love how the police didn’t go into save everyone while jasper was gone or arrest jasper when he left
Slick Bardock
Slick Bardock 9 days ago
"Jasper" EW
Mr Crow
Mr Crow 9 days ago
Theme song is amazing i saw every episode and I have learned the lyrics 😂
Matt 9 days ago
she gets mad that jasper robbed a different store but the bank was already robbed
Matt 9 days ago
I love octo pie
UnwrittenEarth9 9 days ago
All I see is featuring Christopher Sabat as Santa and immediately think of vegeta yelling merry Christmas
Steven Rutledge
Steven Rutledge 9 days ago
The way Vegeta, Piccolo, and All Might are all the jolly big elf himself is hilarious
MythPlays 9 days ago
I think this is a repost.... ive seen this before...
Tygo Nijenbrink
Tygo Nijenbrink 9 days ago
Ohh has been so long good theres a new episode
Tygo Nijenbrink
Tygo Nijenbrink 9 days ago
Nvm they just reposted it
Fuckyou Intereditcorrectly
I've already seen this episode .. a few months back... How come?
Deadly Demon
Deadly Demon 9 days ago
Its so funny how they get so used to him pointing gun they they dont even worry
Bernard Czaban
Bernard Czaban 9 days ago
This one is a good one after a while.
Brian Stone
Brian Stone 10 days ago
Yall realise that he's actually robbing the bank while having a relationship with the hostages right
MINEGAM3R 10 days ago
where are all the other episodes i could swear i already saw ep 5 and so... Did u had something with octocake explosm?
Panda`s Playhouse!
Panda`s Playhouse! 10 days ago
I think I know what their gonna do for their anniversery tonight, 😉 lol!
Aloya easo
Aloya easo 10 days ago
We need more of this
Gitbit goo
Gitbit goo 10 days ago
I want to see those T-shirts
Juan Gacia
Juan Gacia 10 days ago
I want this as a series
Killer Gaming
Killer Gaming 10 days ago
I bet she's gonna give him the chili hole
Bumble Bee Stories
Bumble Bee Stories 10 days ago
The Stockholms is like a show in Cartoon Network
Dr. FouFou
Dr. FouFou 10 days ago
Can we end this mini series with Jasper dead?
Race Tucker
Race Tucker 10 days ago
Does anybody else love the theme song? Total bop👌
Chibipie Kagane
Chibipie Kagane 10 days ago
2:13 Oh my god, he's me when I see Jasper and Charlene together and being in love 😆💕
jaden kroker
jaden kroker 10 days ago
stop reuploading the same bullshit 10 million times
Derrick Aka spammer
Hater alert hater alert
Dominic Glodean
Dominic Glodean 10 days ago
Why didnt they just go rescue The hostages while he was gone?
SyborgCat 10 days ago
How is he alive again?
aiboyswich 10 days ago
Wait hold on i swear I watched every episode of this, did they remake the season?
the kakapo
the kakapo 10 days ago
My name is jasper too
Dhann David
Dhann David 10 days ago
This is kinda not bad make more of cyande and happyness compalition i miss it
Mikkel Svane
Mikkel Svane 10 days ago
Why are they posting it here now?
Adonis Zah
Adonis Zah 10 days ago
This should become an actual series with many episodes
No one can deflect the emerald splash
U can watch all of the episodes rn yk