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It's me! Laundry Boy!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Mike Salcedo
Written By: Mike Salcedo
Voice Actors:
DAN - Joel Watson
LAUNDRY BOY (FAKE) - Mike Salcedo
LAUNDRY BOY (REAL) - Connor Murphy
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Kris Behr
Character Design: Paul Blair
Background Art: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart


Published on


Apr 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
Caleb Dawson
Caleb Dawson Day ago
This is senor clean fists terrible sidekick
Sideways N
Sideways N 6 days ago
Lmao the thumbnail
Thanksfor Thesub
Thanksfor Thesub 6 days ago
Greatest super villain
Joaquin 6 days ago
xxDrain 9 days ago
Outro animation looks automated.
Dead Memes
Dead Memes 9 days ago
I clicked cuz da thumbnail
Emerald Elephant
Emerald Elephant 11 days ago
Anyone else notice that his underwear was yellow when he gave his underwear to fake laundry boy
Steven Vergonet
Steven Vergonet 11 days ago
please let me pitch 1 idea skit for free i think it fits your work perfect
dreamor 11 days ago
So he was just an lgbt+ guy
GROOTS 2 days ago
w h a t
The Ferret
The Ferret 11 days ago
This is the aftermath of the tide pod trend
zOOpygOOpert 11 days ago
What is that thumbnail
Wait what
Stone Devil
Stone Devil 12 days ago
The first guy wasted time thinking anout how not to waste time
Tyler3978 2 days ago
Yes, that's the joke
LittleYasin 1
LittleYasin 1 12 days ago
What the f-ing f
Asvolies Harvem
Asvolies Harvem 12 days ago
laundry boy: uhhh soooo, want to borrow my cape till you get home?
David50X 13 days ago
That's enough cyanide for one day
Numbah6 13 days ago
Wait but if the fake laundry boy pretends to be the real one, does that mean the real one actually DOES fart the clothes dry?
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue 13 days ago
I knew it was gonna go the fetish route, and he wasn't actually gonna help him. What an A hole. Now the overthinker is naked in public, AND will most likely not get the job, during a pandemic.
Derpy Bob
Derpy Bob 13 days ago
Laundry Boy is way better Señor Clean Fist-
Colin Bell
Colin Bell 13 days ago
0:30 is the best Cyanide and Happiness facial ecpression ever
Ian Kensington
Ian Kensington 13 days ago
The guy with the dirty clothes is named Dan. He’s dirty Dan.
The Demoman.
The Demoman. 13 days ago
How the hell do you swallow clothes?
sean brennan
sean brennan 14 days ago
Idk how you guys stay so funny but you do
YourBoiLando 14 days ago
0:29 "Yeah"
Sketch Animations
Sketch Animations 14 days ago
When I heard "Well hello there" I realised how much talented are C&H voice actors
HilaRIocitii 14 days ago
I just noticed the man’s underwear had a yellow stain on it
Dark Side of Fate
Dark Side of Fate 14 days ago
Laundry boy The Rival of Señor Cleanfist
Akshay M
Akshay M 15 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed that the underwear had yellow stains ? 🤣🤣😅🤣
jerry omena
jerry omena 15 days ago
Now that's disgusting
LeagueOfGods0173 15 days ago
Clothes scammer laundry boy VS Laundry Man
Rj Gamer-96
Rj Gamer-96 15 days ago
Laundry Boy:Wash out Señor Clean Fist:Did somebody call grime
Ok Nothing
Ok Nothing 15 days ago
michelle davidson
michelle davidson 15 days ago
What the fuck The guys stomach is really strong
Abdullahi Hassan
Abdullahi Hassan 15 days ago
The Pope
The Pope 16 days ago
Cyanide and happiness hero universe should be made
MasterGoblin 17 days ago
Any plot twist?
Brawl with Fang
Brawl with Fang 17 days ago
Yeh 😏 0:30
Jordan Holman
Jordan Holman 17 days ago
Japan won. He's in hell because he's on the internet.
Mary Rodgers
Mary Rodgers 17 days ago
QLBlue 95
QLBlue 95 17 days ago
😂 this is so dumb 😂
Omar Barahona
Omar Barahona 17 days ago
The C&H creators want us to think that the laundry machine head one is the real one, but I have proof he isn't. 1. He isn't a boy 2. Normal superheroes' capes don't move when they're on the ground. 3. The Real Laundry boy's sock is more detailed. 4. The laundry machine head is surprised at seeing the real deal. And 5. Real heroes don't wear sweaters.
Exposed Brain Films
I despise the thumbnail so much Like seriously stop it
Eduardo Bota
Eduardo Bota 18 days ago
Arriba España!
Xd Mystic
Xd Mystic 19 days ago
Well they officially did it they ran out of ideas
Eskild Pedersen
Eskild Pedersen 19 days ago
*"LAUNDRY BOY?"* "yes"
Wtf is even the purpose of this
Alluv 19 days ago
Fun fact: The laundry sticks taht you hang clothes with are called laundry boys in finnish roughly translated
the-guy-with-pc 19 days ago
This Thumbnail actually makes me feel the tumors appearing in my body, it literally creates cancer. So misson accomplished
Tina Rivas
Tina Rivas 19 days ago
What is this
Matthew Morales
Matthew Morales 20 days ago
They tried to diss the clickbaiters who steal their videos and make cringey texts on the thumbnail
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie 20 days ago
Kids with bleach instead of blood was the future Trump wanted.
GAROU • AMV 20 days ago
When explosm has the best animation in youtube but don't k ow how to make a proper thumbnail
music Studio
music Studio 20 days ago
Jimmy Williams
Jimmy Williams 20 days ago
I’m Jimmy Williams and I approve this video
Fedor Timushev
Fedor Timushev 20 days ago
This "yeah" tho is just a masterpiece
James Schober
James Schober 20 days ago
What the hell
The Dark Ringed Fox
I'm going to be late to be late for my interview!! **Jump over the puddle and lands another puddle**
Shaun Jr.
Shaun Jr. 20 days ago
Sounds like something he would do
Mr Gamer man
Mr Gamer man 20 days ago
Part 2
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive 20 days ago
That ending surprised me so much I had to delete my last comment
Nah ok
Nah ok 21 day ago
I hope they make one where someone takes shots of salt.....but in a funny version
Arijandas Urbo
Arijandas Urbo 21 day ago
Ehhh uderweares ugh he peed and hee eat
E̷r̵r̴o̷r̸ ̴s̸a̵n̵s̴ In The Internet
He could of just walked over the puddles Stupud
Beeg Asian
Beeg Asian 21 day ago
“WASH OUT, HERE COMES LAUNDRY BOY” Amazing just amazing....
Flower Flaps
Flower Flaps 21 day ago
“Laundry boy?” “Yuh” killed me
Jacob Montoya
Jacob Montoya 21 day ago
Thank you
Carrot Animation
Carrot Animation 21 day ago
Guy: Laundry boy? Laundry boy: *_yuh_*
Psionics 21 day ago
Snazzy Dolphin
Snazzy Dolphin 21 day ago
"Laundry boy"
MattS_RANTZ49 21 day ago
Didn't a Governor already eat at a French Laundry?
Lydia H
Lydia H 21 day ago
every time i loop the theme in my head more than three times it devolves into its a small world and if that doesnt lend itself to the chaos of cyanide and happiness i dont know what does
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 21 day ago
Shizumeru 21 day ago
Preston Garvey vs his imposter
BAK Robert Johnston
Señor clean fist’s long lost brother
J-sUn 21 day ago
The hell happened to the thumbnail?
MrPAZTHESPAZ 21 day ago
That "Yeah" face just about made me spit my drink
Puffin Productions
why is no one talking about the clickbait thumbnail
Oliver Pearce
Oliver Pearce 21 day ago
Hey uh... wtf is this thumbnail?
Antonio Adem
Antonio Adem 21 day ago
Antonio Adem
Antonio Adem 21 day ago
Antonio Adem
Antonio Adem 21 day ago
Antonio Adem
Antonio Adem 21 day ago
Antonio Adem
Antonio Adem 21 day ago
Luisa María Mendieta
I love ur videos
The Meta
The Meta 21 day ago
I fucking called it
MazeMaker4Life 21 day ago
1:12 why does the bloke's underwear have a piss stain on it? 😂
Radio Studio’s
Radio Studio’s 21 day ago
This makes me happy Perfect humour 👍🏻
Sanjini R.
Sanjini R. 21 day ago
Why doesn’t the guy just.... buy used clothes?
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming 21 day ago
Laundry Boy/ Washing Boy vs. Magnet Man
Mehmet burak Akkoc
you dey deceived oooooooo
HeroHajo 21 day ago
Laundry Boy? -YeAh
Makoosh 21 day ago
The underwear is piss stained
Xiller 21 day ago
Here before 1million views club
a51mj12 21 day ago
Like the dentist's "assistant", slurping spit juice.
I Love Chocolate
I Love Chocolate 21 day ago
They took the ‘Dog ate my Homework’ to an unimaginable level
Mohiuddin Ahmed
Mohiuddin Ahmed 21 day ago
So you're telling me that he is going to an interview with poop in his pants
Red Line Tactical
I feel violated.
Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake 22 days ago
Fun fact. Whilst I was at uni, I would sneak into my housemates room when he was in the shower and steal a pair of socks and underwear. 😐 I would then weak the underwear in my sleep and smell the socks. I would then put them back the morning after and he never noticed. 😁
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 22 days ago
...fucking what?
Virginia Mwikali
Virginia Mwikali 22 days ago
Señor clean fist
JackVR 22 days ago
After his dad, senõr clean fist, going to jail he was destined to continue on his dads legacy
Anaklysmos 22 days ago
Lol i watched a video called laundry boy and got a laundry ad beforehand