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It's about to be a, Girl Fight!
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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Kris Wilson
Written By: Kris Wilson
Voice Actors:
Joanna - Trisha Mellon
Mila - Jennie Mae Wilson
Markus - Rob DenBleyker
Patron 1 - Mike Salcedo
Patron 2 - Dave McElfatrick
Patron 3 - Kris Wilson
Off Screen Man - Joel Watson
Off Screen Man 2 - Connor Murphy
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Bill Jones
Character Design: Paul Blair
Background Art: Denise Magdale
Animatic: Kris Behr
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Steve Lehmann
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart


Published on


Mar 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
一去 3 days ago
contentmixer. exe
Khunkhuu Gvnsen
Khunkhuu Gvnsen 3 days ago
What a beautiful wife if i dont die quick in my life cuz im too scared of everything i will love to have a wife like that cuz im a shrimp like noob ;-;
Acidic Jew
Acidic Jew 5 days ago
At least they are against women beaters in the C&H universe
Kars Van der heijden
Its a never ending cycle
The dragon Of games
Fun fact : they all were gentlemen’s it’s just a misunderstanding
sotrage space full gatcha
while they were wrong its really wholesome to see people actively doing something when they see what they think is domestic violence to many people just sit back and ignor it
Coal Snow
Coal Snow 6 days ago
O falcatrua imbecil imbecil
0:50 I simply love how the last guy casually *t* *e* *a* *r* *s* his skin apart with his bare hands
ShanRovic 8 days ago
It’s kinda beautiful to see a relationship like this
ojo olubunmi
ojo olubunmi 9 days ago
Luthfi Rahman
Luthfi Rahman 9 days ago
That was true, sometimes some people will blame us in what we not did.. actually they just to want to beat us by blaming us.. damn.. :v
Matt 9 days ago
it took me a moment to see why everybody got mad at him
al fatcat
al fatcat 10 days ago
A well known UFC fighter says she kind of goes through this sometimes. When she's out with her husband, they give them weird looks. Especially the husband.
john fu
john fu 11 days ago
Right attitude wrong idea
Nex Zenoxes
Nex Zenoxes 11 days ago
aw so sweet..... also funny
And then the girl beat him up
Leonardo De Loyola
Leonardo De Loyola 13 days ago
Not that bad
Comedy Tuesday
Comedy Tuesday 13 days ago
Giang Tran
Giang Tran 13 days ago
That's so freaking cuteeeeee
rytram prophet
rytram prophet 15 days ago
American Democrats all around. always quick to make assumptions based on personal perspectives and no basis.
Ender Phantom
Ender Phantom 16 days ago
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 16 days ago
No one saw the waiter from Le Telepathe?
Googleyouroogle 16 days ago
Screw you domestic violence
Skat43 16 days ago
daym cyanide has a wholesome side
Glinjan 16 days ago
My parents literally were in that kind of situation once. My mother went to a hospital for surgery with a black eye because our dog collided with her the day before. When my father came to visit her, everyone suspected it had been him ^^'
Kai Lody
Kai Lody 18 days ago
Top ten funniest anime misunderstandings
Dairon Ollie
Dairon Ollie 18 days ago
They just waking out while she just beats up the people 🤣🤣
Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBER
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 20 days ago
Honestly, the only girl fights I have ever witnessed have been rocker chicks fighting over the same stoner dude and it ended up being two girls pulling hair.
Jorel Prince
Jorel Prince 20 days ago
That is real shit
They did not see the boxing tournament that time
Jonathan Ruland
Jonathan Ruland 21 day ago
My ex once got scratched in the eyelid by a cat and it turned into a black eye. I refused to go out in public with her until it healed for this very reason.
Colin Bell
Colin Bell 22 days ago
This one isn't actually that funny it tackles judging people based off of their... Or the people their withs appearance. I like it.
Hello There
Hello There 23 days ago
It’s funny cause they were actually going to beat up a woman
Jake England
Jake England 23 days ago
This actually happened to me, I swear to go, my girlfriend is a martial artist, and there are times when she gets caught in a sparing match and gets bruises and black eyes. I get some really bad looks from people on the street when were together.
Blue Blood
Blue Blood 23 days ago
This is why you ask people instead of assuming :3
Li'l lady
Li'l lady 23 days ago
mutlu sincap
mutlu sincap 23 days ago
♡Sooo cuteeee♡
Dm3qXY 24 days ago
This says a lot about our society...
–[Brick Battle]–
Other guys: oh so you like beating up girls huh? Also other guys: *proceeds to try and punch her in the face*
Adam Boanerges
Adam Boanerges 24 days ago
I expected a post credit scene where they're at home and he's actually beating her up. I am not disappointed.
Waffles N Catsup
Waffles N Catsup 24 days ago
Completely unrealistic because we know the men wouldn't stand up for the woman. They'd more than likely congratulate the guy. Men are just like that.
SegaChamber 25 days ago
She held the last dude by his neck and headbutted him. Is she from mortal kombat?
Nietabs 25 days ago
Why's she still on her boxing uniform lol
A random alien
A random alien 26 days ago
Moral of the story:Don't make baseless assumption and always mind your business(unless he/she is family or friend).
Insomania 26 days ago
I woulda been like, “Bro she could kill me with her thumb, I cannot physically harm her”
Forename Surname
Forename Surname 26 days ago
Get you a man that looks at you like this, then marry him
B Skiez
B Skiez 27 days ago
When a BW finally lays her paws on a WM lol Karzin's dream of any WM on a pedastal 😂
Justin Eckhold
Justin Eckhold 27 days ago
just found my new excuse to beat a girl
At least the men are fighting for women rights
Justin 27 days ago
I have to imagine they pitched this with a horrific twist as usual but just had to remove it because it ruined the genuine wholesomeness
Mechanic_ Man2005
Mechanic_ Man2005 28 days ago
First time finally see good ending in cyanide and happiness
Glen W
Glen W 28 days ago
Yeah. Men are all wusses and need their wonen to protect them. And a group of men is no match for a women! We men are also villains, clowns, thugs, buffoons, fools, etc. We know this is true because all the media continuously reinforces that narrative. Thanks C&H for keeping up the narrative so the young men of America can learn their place. 😶
Gratis Beu
Gratis Beu 29 days ago
And that’s why u don’t prejudge someone.
Tippex 29 days ago
Im surprised it was this wholesome for cyanide and happiness. I’m now worried something awful is going to happen
table boi
table boi 29 days ago
This is very true but also funny and kewl
I Am Dupic
I Am Dupic Month ago
00:25 anyone notice what if says on the newspaper? That explains a lot
Arceus 101
Arceus 101 Month ago
Soon as the train part started, I KNEW what would happen
normboy Month ago
I had my volume down and i cant read are they trying to be him because he is in a mixed relation ship
Soic Angellis
Soic Angellis 29 days ago
Nah they think he beats his girlfriend
PedroVeterano80 Month ago
"you like beating girls?" *Try fighting his girlfriend defending him*
デーモンM O N S T E R
Well I'll be dam....
Titan Gamer 2
Titan Gamer 2 Month ago
Finallyva video thats has a meaning of life
The FrogKing
The FrogKing Month ago
Jesus Christ
Jhapeth Lloyd ciron
suspicues -____________________________________________________-
Kay Jay Smith
Kay Jay Smith Month ago
Lml I cuh really duh wit a lady like this😍🤣🤣
Israel Henry
Israel Henry Month ago
Ahhh this video don't make me put a gun to my head cus I like me some strong women
Zack TDW
Zack TDW Month ago
Poor dude (S)
Esta No Possible
Mr SHITTY Month ago
This shows how judgemental we are
Ultra8PIXEL Month ago
First time I’ve ever seen any women actually punch instead of slapping and pulling hairs
Ultra8PIXEL Month ago
First time I’ve ever seen any women actually punch instead of slapping and pulling hairs
kitty comix
kitty comix Month ago
Very wholesome
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando Month ago
Blizzrd Month ago
Wouldn't she have cleaned up and showered after the match? Not to mention changed lol.
ParadoxPerson02 Month ago
This kind of feels like a comment on society, with false abuse claims.
Toru Toru
Toru Toru Month ago
Do Purgatony again
Ray Boyd
Ray Boyd Month ago
it’s gotta be the mustache
Andres does youtube
hold up no boxing gloves?! disqualified!
Owen Billo
Owen Billo Month ago
Based tomboy gf
Throwaway account yes
Still better than twilight
Uncurlingfire71 Month ago
Now it makes sense
TCn TheClassicnathan
Aww :)
Error 404
Error 404 Month ago
Werttrichen Month ago
plot twist: He does beat her up
RockySamson Month ago
Cyanide AND Happiness, indeed.
Temna Senka
Temna Senka Month ago
A good girlfriend defends her boyfriend as much as he defends her.
yeety Month ago
0:49 he just spin his head and put it back like nothing happened
Abominable Paradox
Kinda reminds me of the short series where the pilot dad keeps showing up to his son’s sport events to essentially give him a hand. Suprisingly wholesome for C&H while still being hilarious. Hope this is another series like that.
Izak Busby-bates
That was wholesome
Water Bottle362
Water Bottle362 Month ago
This one is the wholesome one
VinnyMartello Month ago
Dude found himself a keeper!!!
Leon Baron
Leon Baron Month ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that the guy at 0:50 PULLED UP HIS OWN SKIN.
Kevin dragon hunter
Why dose evryone ignore all the cases of domestik violence where the woman beats the man?
Sable Leaf
Sable Leaf Month ago
Very wholesome. Cheered me up for today. Thanks. xD
Shadman Hasan
Shadman Hasan Month ago
K. This is more on the "Happiness" side, not the "Cyanide".... very wholesome indeed 😊 ❤
lkjdfu kjsdf
lkjdfu kjsdf Month ago
no cyanide, only happiness
BAK Robert Johnston
irfan 107
irfan 107 Month ago
at fisrt im confused but now i understand that they just misunderstood
Nicholas Theus
Nicholas Theus Month ago
0:45 Could’ve sworn I just heard Dio ask why I like beating women... Those two notes got me slippin