Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - Wholesome 

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A nice and peaceful compilation of wholesome shorts :)
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
The Dump
The Waterpark
High Noon
Don't Talk
The Dookie Boys


Published on


Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Alexander Baggett
Alexander Baggett 8 hours ago
Friendship is the real treasure.
Josh Baker
Josh Baker 21 hour ago
Didn't think there was enough wholesome cyanide and happiness toons to make a compilation
Beau Ford
Beau Ford Day ago
Rosco failed but the dookie boys never fail
Friendship....was the real treasure
Lightify Day ago
damn… i remember watching these like 1-2years ago… i found this channel again
IRON Animation
Welcome to the animation channel.
Milsurp Mike Channel
Good thing the school system taught Trevor cursive.
Catandogclone 13
They have a wholesome compilation. Impossible.
John Greco
John Greco 2 days ago
Sees title... wait they have that?
Elizabeth Wise
Elizabeth Wise 2 days ago
How did he *get* in the comma???
Palin Goebel
Palin Goebel 2 days ago
Narrator: "When the sheriff told the Dookie Boys to straighten up and fly right, this ain't what he had in mind." Sheriff: "What are you boys doing up there?!" Dookie Boys:"Staying away from you Officer Dingle!" Sheriff:"You've broke just about every law in the book! Now you've done God and broke the law of physics!!!!"
The Noob Empire
The Noob Empire 2 days ago
Are we gonna talk about the fact that in everything Bill Jones is helping with (almost) everything? What a legend.
Luke Hahn
Luke Hahn 2 days ago
After like 10 or something years they only have 11 minutes of wholesome content
Alex Trotta
Alex Trotta 3 days ago
C&H has a very strange definition of "wholesome".
Lavonna Laurel
Lavonna Laurel 3 days ago
🤣🤣🤣don't go in there 🤣🤣🤣ok
sxm 3 days ago
I love how a kid drowning in a comma is classed as wholesome
Sun Sid
Sun Sid 4 days ago
MercifulMartyr 4 days ago
for the dump one they should've made the second scene them being evicted from the dump and and having to move into a normal house
aaron neef
aaron neef 4 days ago
Theta Sigma
Theta Sigma 4 days ago
the last one isnt wholesome the old guy is left wallowing in despair lmao
Asad Bashir
Asad Bashir 4 days ago
thats a nice charger dookie boys have
Your Local Texan
Your Local Texan 4 days ago
I sure do love dem dookie boys
Dr.agness Gp
Dr.agness Gp 4 days ago
The beginning... actually it broke my heart
UwU Bas
UwU Bas 5 days ago
Man: the treasure is a friendship 6:06
Mingyui Jin
Mingyui Jin 5 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how the man got trapped in the comma when there is not a path going into there and how the water just rose up.
Chris 5 days ago
I mean wholesome except for that drowned kid
TonyOwned 5 days ago
why are the latches on the outside of the stalls
Jessey Corson
Jessey Corson 5 days ago
I loved the treasure chest one what a plot twist!
Jaymer Fill
Jaymer Fill 6 days ago
ahhh yes death by snu snu
Maria Mackie
Maria Mackie 6 days ago
Find happiness Trail is Vinelant and in
Maria Mackie
Maria Mackie 6 days ago
The sign on and happy that he left to appropriate with directly yes
Nick the Bear - Party's Creator
After all of this time I finally understand what the checkers mean... There checking each other out and omg C&H you have gone deep into the meaning of this as a reference. Reply is you just realize from this: Occupied 0:50
Promond Destroyer
This is too nice it feels weird.
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles 6 days ago
I Dookie 🧸🎽⌚🥊🧸🐻🎽🦨🧸⌚🥊🧸🙊🍌🧸🎽⌚🧸Boys si nascondono da qualche parte in questo video e se li trovi lo sceriffo ti darà $ 20.000. 🧸🎽⌚🥊🧸👒🧸🎽⌚🧸
Squigglywig 8925
Squigglywig 8925 6 days ago
How do you fit a whole checkers box in your pocket?
Sakai Hardy
Sakai Hardy 6 days ago
The dump is so sad 😭😭😭😭
Zilithyne Blogs-Videogames
how the heck did they scrape together enough wholesome shorts for an ELEVEN MINUTE VIDEO
Legionnaire 6 days ago
4:00 Was that their son or his boyfriend or their illegitimate child?
Jules Hipgrave
Jules Hipgrave 6 days ago
Remember when It was good oh wait it always has been
Machina Instrumentum
Every time I commented, "Can we leave Larry alone?", and everyone just respond, "We don't do wholesome content on this channel." Suck it, losers. There is wholesome content, so give Larry a happy ending.
Machina Instrumentum
@Hixel12 and you have mine.
Hixel12 5 days ago
You have my respect good sir
erroneousdays 6 days ago
So .. in 'occupied' , the occupied stalls didn't have anyone in there. Are we thinking cross legged weirdos or ghosts?
Akirex 5000
Akirex 5000 6 days ago
Someone actually threw a trash can into a dump
Ethan Henriques 41
5:04. Damn i love that parrot😂😂😂😂
Atomic 7 days ago
1:54 imagine walking into a bathroom and seeing this
Just some plant cells -
The dookie bois!
Mocha225 7 days ago
Alright I know how I’ll come out to my parents now
Whisp-Moon Draws
Whisp-Moon Draws 7 days ago
Gosh I just hate when I have to pee and there's a bored person in the bathroom. 😂
hit the quan
hit the quan 7 days ago
Petition to put quotation marks around wholesome
AFoxNamedSean 7 days ago
To quote a fellow commentator from a previous video, "It can't be Cyanide and Happiness with something happy, other wise it would just be Cyanide"
Sanwar Pavithran
Sanwar Pavithran 7 days ago
I like the whole video no matter what you say. Although can somone tell me the name of the trumpet music at the end of the shootout scene?
Joey Marsh
Joey Marsh 7 days ago
“No the real treasure be treasure” -savage pirate
Ezequièl Guarin
Ezequièl Guarin 7 days ago
11:12 I expected him to be dead by that moment :(
if you ever feel useless just remember there is a garbage bin in "The Dump"
Alexander Grimm
Alexander Grimm 7 days ago
“Such a sad ending”
Aww boys really DO have fwends 🥰.
Danielle Clarke
Danielle Clarke 7 days ago
samtherat6 7 days ago
“I don’t understand this world” always hits so hard.
Lei Kervin Divina
Notice there's no number in the title? It means this would be the One and only wholesome compilation
B. Biswas
B. Biswas 8 days ago
What do you mean by these videos
Djorgal 8 days ago
Too much happiness, not enough cyanide!
Shamalee Wright
Shamalee Wright 8 days ago
I like the video but the second one on the completion is so gay
Hixel12 5 days ago
Wow really? Who would've guessed the joke about guys blowing each other would be a tad homosexual
Blok Vader
Blok Vader 8 days ago
Even their wholesome stuff is dark as hell, I love it C:
GULO GULO 8 days ago
Everyone has black teeth, except for the Dookie Boys!?!
Deltawest United Official
When the lady walked out of the movie screen and picked up the guy, the first thing I thought was: *DeviantArt*
Xvaldez32 8 days ago
I thought the kid that went into the water slide started out white and came out black thanks to all the bruises
Thunder Kid
Thunder Kid 8 days ago
Some of those stalls had no people
Aftab Randhawa
Aftab Randhawa 8 days ago
Do more of the Dookie Boys
nicoli the emerald miner
1:50 out of context
The inkling Boy
The inkling Boy 8 days ago
That checkers one looked weird.
O Gaúcho
O Gaúcho 8 days ago
The Sheriff was the only sane character of the entire Cyanide amd Happiness universe
Friendly neighborhood Idiot
And the doctor in “Put them down”(I think that’s what it’s called)
The Jingo
The Jingo 8 days ago
“Wholesome” Start the vid with hobo couple Mhm very wholesome indeed
Machine Gamer 728
It does have some wholes yes
Shhh! Its late!
Shhh! Its late! 8 days ago
That water slide one tho
Money D
Money D 8 days ago
1:49 ok all you unoriginal commenters don't post how this position can be taken out of context we know.
Servant Of Death
Servant Of Death 8 days ago
Ooooh so that's what's going on in the bathroom. Those noises must be someone winning
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 8 days ago
Teleports to the comma
Zunlite 8 days ago
everybody gangsta til you gotta go through the closet waterslide
Salles Salles
Salles Salles 8 days ago
The dookie boys theme is actually quite fine.
Db14 8 days ago
How was the World Star video not included?
xxjdmAE86xx 8 days ago
no the real treasure here be treasure *powowofifjsiaocjenwosos*
aiboyswich 8 days ago
11:02 this is why I hate this channel The credits broke my screen and now are flying out of it
Anthony Reynoso
Anthony Reynoso 8 days ago
I feel like this is so sad and funny in a way
Ricardo Saravia
Ricardo Saravia 8 days ago
"The Hard Times"... This is just... Sublime
“No the real treasure be treasure!” BAM
Electron Video Games
It's funny how not only were some of these barely wholesome, but there was only 11 minutes of wholesome content out of all of their shorts.
Lominoth Productions
Cyanide and happiness : the wholesome compilation. Proceeds to showing people getting their heads blown off, stuck in a tube about to drown, breaking the laws of physics, and getting evicted. Because EVERYONE knows all that stuff is wholesome
Peter porK
Peter porK 8 days ago
Well they had to search through a lot of black humor to find those few wholesome shorts
randy brosius
randy brosius 8 days ago
Intr3pidTV 9 days ago
Petition to make The Dookie Boys a full time show.
The free to play
The free to play 9 days ago
3:41 If trevor philipis from GTA 5if he didnt get abandoned and was taken cared of by his parents
EVanSketches 9 days ago
Death by Snu Snu
30 second cats
30 second cats 9 days ago
I love how this is considered wholsome
Sam's Galaxies
Sam's Galaxies 9 days ago
The greatest treasure, Friendship..*
Ramblin' Man
Ramblin' Man 9 days ago
Ouch. Yes?
Evan Belcourt
Evan Belcourt 9 days ago
Was The water slide In this video with all of the words and the loop at the end based on the one from action park with the loop?
TheNetherFlare 9 days ago
The dookie boys short is 10/10
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 9 days ago
OMG!! I never realized the continuity between “Don’t Talk” and “It’s Not What it Looks Like”. THATS AWESOME! Also the continuation between “The Dookie Boys” and “Half Off 2: Judgement Day” is pretty cool. The C&H Universe is a complex one 😯
jasxrr 9 days ago
so nobody gonna talk about how the kid got in the mark but ok
Gamer Trask
Gamer Trask 9 days ago
The waterpark was the first ever Cyanide & happiness short I ever watched when I was about 10 I’m now 14 and glad I was a fan thanks for being the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever known
SuperHappyCake 8 days ago
First short I watched was actually the sign. I’ve been here a long time.
AA Nelson
AA Nelson 9 days ago
Idk if that second one looks wholesome